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& JUBILEE SPECTRUM NUDISTS video on YouTube hits over 1 million views

By Tim Chizmar


It’s ME, It’s HIM, It’s T-I-M, Tim Chizmar, the Nudist Humorist, the latest LIFETIME MEMBER of AANR as well as The Naturist Society! I’m so happy and proud to have done it. Additionally, I must say that I’ve had an exciting couple of months in the world of promoting naturism through laughter. Some of you may recall my features in past issues of N: The Magazine of Naturist Living (31.4 and 31.2) wherein I discussed my live nude standup comedy tours which mandated not only nude performers but a bare audience. These events continuously sold out, and the LA Times called it, “A million-dollar idea!” The touring experience at art colleges, private theaters, and naturist resorts, combined with my efforts in assisting in marketing the DISROBED! virtual nude play, and my regular involvement in The Naturist Living Show Podcast and have all lead to my writing, directing, producing, and costarring in my very own naturist comedy movie. It was about time.

This brand-new film is called The Nudels of Nudeland, and by the time you read this article it will most likely be available to stream online. I’ve been a Hollywood writer/producer since I optioned my first screenplay in 2005. Most recently, my movie Unchained, starring Eric Roberts and Taya Valkyrie (the WWE wrestler Franky Monet) was just released on Amazon streaming. These projects have added to my already extensive experience in all the facets of casting, production, overseeing editing, marketing, etc. However, I’d never done anything so personal until now. I’m a passionate nudist, and it was time to use my art to showcase it.

Like most nudists, anytime there’s an advertised film that claims to be nudist, we all are eager to see it. But darn it, a lot of times we are disappointed. The supposed nudist film we rent or buy ends up with having less nudity than a mainstream film, or the humor is just awful often lacking any kind of a cohesive plot structure. Worst of all, the supposed nudist filmmaker has over sexualized the film, which is gross. Well, not anymore! My movie checks all the right boxes, and aside from humor and bodies, we have heart. I put a lot of my real-life experiences into this film, and I think there’ll be a lot of inside jokes that only true nudists, like you dear reader, will appreciate. At this point, you must be asking, “What’s the plot, funnyman?” Here it is.

In a truly original story that is naked and not afraid, meet TIM CHIZMAR. He’s loud and naked in America; that’s how you know he’s Tim Chizmar. Meet LUCZ PADILLA. She’s quieter, religious, and nude. She works at a designer fashion label company in Mexico. Their lives are turned upside-down when these two young nudists are deported to the country of NUDELAND. Once there, they can finally live with others that are not clothes-minded. Even among the unique personalities and over-the-top characters (like a reverse flasher running around) can our heroes ever truly be rid of the shame and anxiety inside themselves and allow themselves to be free? Sure, nude isn’t lewd, but it can come with mental baggage. This movie has heart, humor, and love; it is the most fun you can have with your clothes on.

If that all sounds fun to you, join us for the party. We put a lot of enthusiasm and drive into the performances and production. The film was shot primarily on location at Laguna Del Sol near Pasadena, California. That is part of the COHN: Clothing Optional Home Network, and they were just a delight to work with. Our film stars include Juliana Acosta, Re’Shell Brown, Al Burke, Julie Antti, Jeremiah Benjamin, and me. There are plenty more surprises and cameos from folks you know from the naturist community. Lots of bonus content and interviews with the cast can be found at; it was a group effort from so many like-minded people, and we hope you like it. If you do, we have more ideas like a nudist musical, naked game show, and a nudist sitcom: for example, The Naked Golden Girls? After a premiere showing and a brief theatrical run, THE NUDELS OF NUDELAND will be available for streaming on

The movie isn’t my only update. I recently took part in the viral sensation of Jubilee Spectrum which gets over seven million subscribers to their YouTube channel. The company does lots of social experiments with underrepresented and misunderstood peoples. In the Spectrum version they combine like-minded folks and then spark debate and discussion for an audience that may not know anything about the subject. They discuss divisive points of view within the group. Well, when I heard they were casting for a “Do all Nudists Think Alike?” episode I had to apply. At first, they felt I was too powerful and opinionated. Initially, I was passed on to be on it. That was a bummer, but not unexpected as I’d seen similar results with reality shows in the past. It’s why I was never cast on Naked Dating, The Pickup Artist: season 2, or The Apprentice, even after making it nearly on all three. As luck would have it, one of their chosen cast members canceled, so I got a call asking if I was still interested in appearing on the show. Always being up for an adventure and not holding a grudge, its all business… I said YES!

I was one of six participants that taped at that Los Angeles-based sound stage for two hours, which was later edited to a tight and emotional 15 minutes. Besides myself, there was also a very diverse gathering including a gay man with visible piercings named Kelly, a well-endowed nude model with some conflicting thoughts on public nudity named Jafri, a black artist who creates her own nudist events named Re’Shell, a caramel-skinned OnlyFans model from San Diego named Asia, and a nude yoga instructor named Ashanti, who flew herself from Belize to participate in the video. We all came from different lifestyles and cultures, but we agreed in principle on the benefits of naturism in our own way. As the taping commenced, we all filmed comfortably in the nude in front of the crew of camera, sound, lighting, and general tech folks.

It was eventually published online. It is broken into the following categories: 1. A basic Intro; 2. I have gotten aroused while being nude; 3. The human body is overly sexualized; 4. A Hot Takes section including: I sit with my bare butt on the couch. Nudists crave attention. Nudists do a lot of psychedelics. 5. Being naked in public should be legal; 6. It is appropriate to be nude among children and minors; 7. I’m comfortable with anybody seeing me nude; 8. In the past, I have been afraid to show my body. The video ends with the 9th topic: I am not bothered by what other people think of my body. During the video we discuss nudist etiquette, varying perspectives, and our histories of past experiences. There were laughs, tears, and silliness overall. Some takeaway quotes included “You’re perfect the way you are, you always were” and “Society profits off our insecurities.” As of deadline for this article, we have over nine hundred and forty-five thousand views on the censored version in which they blurred our genitals and female nipples. There is a link in the description to the uncensored link which is hidden from general search and has over two hundred and twenty-nine thousand views. After these endeavors, I’ve reached well over one million viewers with a thought-provoking deep dive into our mindset and lifestyle.

The comments section on both videos is a buzz with varied thoughts. Directed at me, the comments range from how I should be ashamed of myself, I’m gross, I’m a pervert, etc. to saying how I’m the Tony Stark of Nudism, I’m an inspiration, and how they wish they knew me in real life. Here are some examples:

Timothy’s confidence is what I strive to have. It’s sad that society makes u feel that you must change who you are to be confident. The saddest part is that we let it.”

Another proof that simple nudity, far from evoking chaos or orgies, actually evokes friendship and deep thought.”

“Timothy is the embodiment of every insecurity I have, but everything I’d be insecure about, he wields as courage. His body, his personality, his passion, and emotional expression are all things I wish that I could engage with in the same way that he does. I could NEVER do this video, but I respect the hell out the people that did! Thanks for this content!”

“Ashanti crying about folliculitis made me BAWL. I have been so insecure my whole life over the exact same thing. It was so nice to see someone so beautiful and confident have the same problem as me.”

This is just how it goes with anything that is not in the mainstream culture, especially as it related to kids and families. There’ve been a great many reaction videos made on either side, and I’ve accumulated supporters and fans, and I’ve acquired some hater trolls. Such is life. Above all, I am honored to be honest and real about the people and community I love. I’ll always be an outspoken nudist and that travels through my art and projects too.

It’s been a thrill to be involved in so many amazing projects. I encourage you to watch them and see for yourself what you think. If you like it, show a friend. I think it’s a great way to introduce a textile to naturism. I’m hoping my new film The Nudels of Nudeland does the same as well. Nudists deserve more representation in society. As a fun sidenote, the day after filming, I took Ashanti to her first ever nude beach! It was Bates Beach, and we joined a gathering of my friends from the Southern California Naturist Society. I also cast the Jubilee Spectrum Nudists participant Re’Shell in my nudist comedy film, and many of us still talk. Overall, it was all a magical, beautiful, experience and it spawned lifelong friendships. For more on the YouTube video visit, or search for it on your browser and of course get all the info on The Nudels of Nudeland at

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