Scrabble: The Ultimate Word Game

It’s that time of the year when the holidays are just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to bond and play with your family and friends during this joyful season. What better way to do this than by playing the famous and family-favorite crossword game called Scrabble? It’s very fun, challenging, and educational; you need to possess the wits and the ability to mix and match words, but remember to keep your dictionary close by when you play this.

The History of This Game

This engaging word game was invented back in 1938 by an American Architect named Alfred Mosher. The original name of the game was Lexico, and it had no board, but that was later changed. Alfred used to decide on how the letters got distributed by analyzing the front page of his New York Times paper. He had help from James Brunot in making the game, and Scrabble was trademarked in 1948; it later got sold to the Hasbro toy company in 1984. It has been an intriguing and engaging game that gained a lot of popularity over the years, even though it was created a long time ago, it’s still being played till this day.

Is There a Way To Get Help With The Words?

Some members of the family might have difficulties catching or keeping up with the rest, so they could get a simple word finder to make the odds of the game a little more fair for them. The developers behind believe that using this helper can change the direction of the game significantly, finding the best word combinations quickly, and it works with any format of the game. So even your little ones can enjoy a nice holiday board game session if they need a little boost, that way everyone can enjoy it.

What Do You Need To Play It Right?

To play the game correctly, you need an empty table, a tile rack, a spreadsheet or a piece of paper, pen or pencil, a stopwatch or a clock, and a dictionary. Most game boxes come with their own racks, so you can just set up everything for the family and start playing. The clock is there to time each person’s turn while the spreadsheet is for keeping score and writing down everyone’s progress.

It Can Be Played Online

Thanks to the digital world and the internet, this game can be enjoyed conveniently online, and you can play with many others from around the world. So many fans of the game like to play it even when it’s not the holiday season, but the great thing about it is how you can connect with people who couldn’t be there for the holidays. People who are traveling, living far away, or had a business trip might still get a taste of the family get-together when they play the game online with you.

Gaming Tips and Strategies

The game might be fun, but it’s still important to have a set of skills on hand; you need to be able to strategize your turns, having an understanding of mathematics and anagramming probability. You need to learn to pair two-letter words together and play them parallel to your opponent’s word to score a lot of points. Also, if you somehow managed to play all 7 letters you have on a turn, then you’d get an extra 50 point bonus; your chances of getting 7-letter words is if your tiles combined spell the word “Retains” because it can go with every letter in the alphabet to form different words. So this game is an art that needs to be practiced and mastered so you can be the ultimate Scrabble champion amongst your family and friends.

It Can Be Played Competitively

Did you know that Scrabble has its own association? It was created back in 1978 for promotional purposes, but things grew gradually over the years. There have been thousands of competitions and tournaments every year to crown a new King of the game; these tournaments reel in a lot of people and exposure forms the press too. Most of these competitions have big money rewards too.

This game can get very interesting if it goes on for long; the amount of time you’d spend laughing while playing this is enough to make the holidays ten times better. Scrabble has been a wildly played board games for many years since it was invented many years ago, so grab some drinks and snacks because this word game can keep you entertained for countless hours.

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