…always said game types played can tell a lot about a person.

I’ve been playing Deep Town since August—so, like, four (4) months; Pixel Starships for, like, a (1) month; Dungeon Tales and Cells, little over a week—and; of course, Summoner’s War on and off—solidly last three (3) months—over last four (4) years.

Usually rotate about four (4) games at a time—with splashes of in between randos.

Now—no one has ever accused me of being patient—but, I’ve made effort.

And—I feel like it shows.

Some thing’s amazingness take time to be realized.

Usually play sound off—most annoy me—so; wasn’t ’til, like, two (2) months ago first heard music in Deep Town—perfection—diggin’ down me hole.

Late game can be difficult to keep entertaining; but, every area there’s a boss—at times, every few floors—and; your level must increase as boss’ hp increases.

Sometimes with game currency, which can be gained by crafting, then selling, items—sometimes with specifically requested crafted items.

Sometimes you already have those items crafted—sometimes you don’t.

Sometimes you already have the materials needed to craft those items you don’t have—sometimes you don’t.

And—sometimes you have the means to collect those materials—sometimes you don’t.

If I hadn’t spent real money on gems for robot and chemistry upgrades, not sure still be playing, honestly.

But—I did—and; I am.

So—now I’m in area one hundred nineteen (119), floor 1,079; at level four hundred twenty (420)—hehe; totally did not do that on purpose—facing the Iron Elder.

Of course it’s a figurative brick wall.

I’ve literally spent three (3) weeks crafting to build this rocket thingy because I hit this boss floor and the little robot popped so fast in a speech bubble I wasn’t expecting, saying something that I actually don’t know why I’m building the rocket or why none of my spells work against the Iron elder.

Now—my dear devs have repeatedly put me through the proverbial ringer.

Why should this time be any different—I mean, it’s literally the game.

I tried so hard to be prepared of getting hit have after wave of of requested items—like, on the fifteenth (15) round of stuff—which involve mining, chemistry, smelting and jewel crafting multiple times.

I’ve got three (3)bots boosting chemistry right now, one (1) collecting mining resources and the remaining three (3) directly mining for Helium 3 as the quantity needed can not be obtained otherwise.

Enhanced Helium 3 normally takes thirty (30) minutes to craft per unit and I need three hundred eighty (380) units—for the second (2) time—for a base norm of 190 hours of crafting; or, one hundred ten (110) if three (3) bots are assigned to boost, as such.

Each unit requires one (1) aluminum bottle at thirty (30) seconds—3.17 hours.

One hundred (100) Helium 3—only three (3) of my bots have the upgraded ability to mine directly and I’m not entirely sure what the rate of collection is but I think it’s about 1,000 every hour between them—needing 38,000 or at least thirty eight (38) hours; and of course the bots stop collecting after three (3) hours and must be reassigned so I’m losing time while sleeping or working.


One (1) compressor:

(5) Iron bar at 15sec. ea. * 380 = almost 8 hours.

1 Rubber @ 30 min. * 380 = 190 hours

2 Oil [(1 lab flask@1 min)+(10 oil which is impossible to calculate collection rate but def. should have large quantities at this point)+(10 helium {after 15 minutes, you get 2 from each clean water which took 10 minutes to make}) ]@ 30 minutes * 380……………………..

And—of course the Water, Helium, Oil, Rubber, and Enhanced Helium 3 are all made in the same place.

Now, once I have enough Helium 3, I will send those bots to also help in chemistry and drop the thirty (30) minute items down to ten (10), however their collection abilities are currently of far better use.

I always try to keep a reasonable amount of each item so I don’t have these problems but this project as taken such a huge about of resources, I do not believe I could have been even remotely prepared.

Well Played Rockbite Games…

Savy Soda got me good too with Pixel Starships.

I mean—I’m literally a space pirate:

Most of my room upgrades now take seven (7) to fifteen (15) hours plus to complete and almost a full haul of resources—next ship upgrade costs 500,000 minerals and a week.

Again, I almost stopped playing  but I really wanted to learn the AI system.

I’ve now told most of the rooms and all characters how to behave in battle beforehand but still quickly step in and redirect if needed:

Of course while I’m burning the grind, need something to actually do.

Dungeon Tales is stupid fun with Hoarder, Caution, Turtle Stance, and Pacifism (deals half armor as damage if no attack cards were played end of each round).

Think I’m almost done with Cells—it was cute but, only so much time and I’m not huge on Idle tappers…

Yay! Forced awakening scroll in me Summoner’s War inbox : )

Throw in six (6) shifts at work this week, four (4) being holiday parties, I really am busy.

K. Done—byee <3


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