Scarlet Huntress series launching new book

Scarlet Huntress: Reckoning launches on Kickstarter from Sean Forney

The Scarlet Huntress: Reckoning Kickstarter launches July 6, 2022, to fund a brand-new comic book in the Scarlet Huntress® series. This new book is the culmination of Scarlet’s first story arc – seeking answers and revenge for her mother’s murder. Co-creators Stephanie and Sean Forney are finally answering our burning questions about who, why, and how Scarlet’s mom was murdered in a beautiful over-sized 48-page color comic. Scarlet Huntress: Reckoning will be the fifth book in the popular series that includes issues #1, #2, Tales Through Time (#3), Adventures (#4), and two companion books, Scarlet’s Field Guide to Cryptids & Other Creatures and Little Red Riding Hood: Origins of a Huntress. The series started in 2004, and this Kickstarter marks eighteen years of stories and art surrounding Scarlet fighting werewolves, coming into her own, and searching for her mother’s killer.

Writer Stephanie Forney and artist Sean Forney bring us a great 48-page tale of our favorite Columbus, Ohio werewolf huntress as she finds and fights her biggest adversary…and brings a reckoning:
Scarlet reaches her goal of finding answers and finally faces Malakov to get revenge for her mother’s murder. It’s going to take a team to finally beat her biggest enemy along with some magical help from the secret amulet. Who will survive? Will Malakov finally answer for his crimes? Will the truth be revealed? You’ll have to read to find out who will receive their day of reckoning.

Scarlet Huntress® series synopsis:
Scarlet is a modern-day descendent of little red riding hood hunting werewolves and seeking revenge for her mother’s murder while coming into her own as she takes up the mantle of the Scarlet Huntress.

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