INDY SPOTLIGHT: The Indieversity Project #1

The Indieversity Project #1
When two reporters are called to the home of a brilliant scientist, their eyes are opened to a discovery that changes not just their own world, but worlds beyond! And what secrets of their own are these two hiding? Featuring the work of some of the Independent Comics community’s most talented creators, the debut issue of The Indieversity Project opens the door to the fantastic!

Eric N. Bennett, Fish Lee, Gilbert Monsanto, Luis Rivera, Steve Lightle, Mitch Ballard, Lee Gaston, Various

Standard Sized Trade Paperback
Full Color
Page Count: 88

The multiverse contains an infinity of worlds, some known, and many undiscovered. The Indieversity Project seeks to catalog the varied and diverse worlds of the Independent Comics community in a style homaging the DC Comics work of writer Grant Morrison. These worlds are but a sampling of what awaits you!
Print $18.00
Digital $5.99

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