Rootin Tootin Good Time!

As a man who both A. loves his ROOT BEER and B. has worked with plenty of western-themed writers and personalities; I just wanted to take a quick sec on my column to shout out to my favorite new find: WILD BILLS OLDE FASHIONED SODA POP CO based out of San Diego, California. Ran into their mugs at TOYCON and recently again at LVL UP EXPO, I finally got myself a mug and wooooo eeeeeee ya don’t need to be an old pioneer to appreciate quality. Like mining for gold was I in drinking other sodas. I’m a fan.

*pics I took with own phone

This is the mug sitting in my kitchen right now. Its a fun process because when you buy the mug you get to keep trying other flavors all day and for a cheap price you get unlimited refills at all future events they are at. Sweet! Info on them at 


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