Chizzy got “LVL’ed UP” in Las Vegas!

So I’m working hard on a new screenplay when outa nowhere I get an invitation to help with a  buddy’s comic book booth at yet ANOTHER Las Vegas-area Comic Convention! What? Another one? Yup, its called “LVL UP” and you know me: I couldn’t resist. So I popped in for a day of fun and HOLY POOPS! It was great!!

Freaking TONY TODD, live PRO WRESTLING, Video Game battles, costumes, comic creators and so much more fun!

I’m damn glad I went!! You should go next year too!! Here’s some random pics of my day there.

I met the CREATOR of ZEN INTERGALACTIC NINJA Stephen Stern!! I was over-the-moon inspired by him as a wee chap and I freaking couldn’t have enjoyed spending time with him more. He signed all the Zen books I could find and was just a flipping angel. So damn cool.

I’m looking forward to doing my part to help with booking some panels of writers and wrestlers in the area next year. These guys really know how to make the most out of the show! Better than Amazing Comic Con better than Great American for sure, I’d say it was as good or better than ToyCon. I’m a fan!! Visit for more info

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