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Ron Fortier is a renowned writer and comic book creator whose work has captivated audiences for decades. Ron is best known for his contributions to the world of pulp fiction and comics, including his celebrated work on characters like The Green Hornet and Terminator: Burning Earth. With a career that spans numerous genres and media, Ron has consistently pushed the boundaries of storytelling, bringing vibrant and dynamic worlds to life. Ron was nice enough to stop by First Comics News and tell our readers about his latest project, rimson Nun.

First Comics News: Who is Alicia Smith?

Ron Fortier: Back in the 1990s, Ben Dunn created his series, Warrior Nun. It told the story of a secret order of Catholic Nuns, who working for the Vatican, combated the evil forces of satan and his demons in this world.

1st: How does the Crimson Nun connect to Ben Dunn’s Warrior Nun?

Ron: Due to the success of that series, Ben wondered what an earlier Warrior Nun would have been like. And so he came up with Alicia Smith, a nun living in 1935 who donned a mask and fought the Nazis all on her own as the Crimson Nun. My new series is based on that character, though I have taken it on a little detour all my own.

1st: How long has the “Crimson Nun” idea been in development?

Ron: Until now, that 90s four-issue mini-series was the only Crimson Nun tale ever published. Though not overwhelmed by that first story, it was the character and concept that I was taken with. Being a huge fan of the pulps ala the Shadow, Doc Savage, and many others, I saw lots of potential for this character and hoped that one day I might have a chance to write her. So from the early 90 to 2023, all that was just a dream. Then at a local Colorado comic con, Ben and I hooked up and I told of my dream to write this character. He simply said, “Do it.” With that, yours truly along with artists Jesse Thomas and Mike Belcher were off to the races.

1st: How do you typically start your projects – with a character, a plot idea, or a theme?

Ron: Any writer will tell each is different depending on the character and genre your story is about. With Crimson Nun, it was her character and relationship with the Catholic Church that laid the foundation for the plot.

1st: How do you balance creativity with the structure of storytelling?

Ron: Here’s a two-part answer to that question. All stories adhere to the same structure, i.e. they have to have three parts; a beginning, a middle, and an end. Creativity comes in what you do with those parts and how well you make them work together as a cohesive whole. Technically anyone can be taught to write, but storytelling is a gift you are born with. Some writers have it, others do not.

1st: What are the central themes of “Crimson Nun”?

Ron: The primary theme is the basic good versus evil. The secondary is loyalty among people banding together to achieve a singular goal. In this case, save the world from evil.

1st: How does Alicia Smith’s role as a nun influence the story’s themes and direction?

Ron: Alicia’s past adventures are the platform from which this story starts. But her role in this series will surprise lots of readers of the previous adventure.

1st: What message or messages do you hope readers take away from “Crimson Nun”?

Ron: That despite all the evil that exists in this world, there are always heroes who answer the call. People are unwilling to sit on the sidelines. People are willing to sacrifice for a cause greater than themselves. Again, I want my readers to people in heroes and aspire to be like them.

1st: How does “Crimson Nun” differ from Warrior Nun?

Ron: Warrior Nun was about a group (an order) of nuns. Crimson Nun is about only one.

1st: Can you tell us more about the Crimson Nun and her journey?

Ron: Wish I could, but in developing the plot for this new adventure, I incorporated lots of elements that affect the story, and discussing those here would only spoil the surprise for our readers. And yes, there are lots of surprises in Crimson Nun.

1st: What makes the Crimson Nun unique compared to other Nuns?

Ron: An answer would spoil the surprise.

1st: How do you develop the supporting characters’ backstories and personalities?

Ron: Hmm, several of these were already created in the original 90s series and I am using them in ours. I’ve also incorporated several new supporting characters that I’m hoping the fans are going to like. As for personalities, I generally have an idea of what a character is all about when first imagining them. Then as I write them, they oftentimes surprise even me.

1st: What was the most challenging part of writing The Crimson Nun?

Ron: Remembering this was Ben’s sandbox and I’m only playing in it. I didn’t want to write anything that contradicted what had already been established in the previous series. Rather build on it.

1st: Can you describe the setting of “Crimson Nun”?

Ron: The world in 1938.

1st: How much research went into creating the world of “Crimson Nun”?

Ron: Quite a bit in regards to the politics and events of the era in which it takes place. As well as researching several historical figures and events.

1st: Are there any specific historical or cultural influences that shaped the setting?

Ron: The Catholic church in 1938. Who was the Pope at the time? What was he like and what were his challengers on a world stage on the brink of all-out war?

1st: How important is the setting to the overall story of “Crimson Nun”?

1st: What methods do you use to make the world of your story feel immersive and believable?

Ron: When researching a historical setting, I try to find as many photographs of the locales and characters as I can and share them with Jesse Thomas, our writer. The more of those he can reference, the more accurate are those settings from the past.

1st: What’s next for you after “Crimson Nun”?

Ron: I’ve quite a few irons in the fire at the moment. JIN & TONIK, a spy series with artist Cesar Feliciano currently at Indiego looking for funding. Silverline Comics is currently publishing BEYOND THE STARS a sci-fi mini-series with Italian artist Andrea Bormida. They will follow with a private eye tale CHIVALRY, INC. currently being illustrated by artists Javier Lugo and Jesse Hansen. Then hopefully I’m going to write TOMORROW GIRL issue for Antarctic and beyond that, who knows. Maybe another Crimson Nun in the future.

1st: When does Crimson Nun launch?

Ron: The Book launched last week and has already reached its goal.

1st: What is the URL to be notified when the Kickstarter launches?


1st: Last pitch why no true comic fan should miss Crimson Nun?

Ron: I grew up reading comics in the late 50s and early 60s. Like to think I remember when comics were exciting, thrilling, informative, and FUN. That’s what readers of Crimson Nun will find if they pick up a copy. Nothing less.

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