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In the coming months, hopefully by the end of summer, Flying Colors Comics will be moving to a new location after nearly 36 years in our original shop. When my wife Libby and I went through all the scenarios, it came down to two stark choices– find a new home for Flying Colors in Concord CA… or retire.

Not wanting to give up on the community we’ve built here and not wanting to leave Contra Costa County without a fully-stocked comic book specialty shop, we’ve found a new home for the shop. But we under-estimated just how much a build-out for the new shop could be.

A GoFundMe just isn’t my style— I always want to make it reciprocal by giving value in return for people helping us out.

Here’s the first line to a post and then a link to the online request to join our Flying Colors Hero Society for anyone willing to help.
“We recently posted a photo from inside the space that will be the new home of Flying Colors Comics in the coming months… continued here:

It’s no secret comic book specialty shops have generally been going through a rough patch. But this isn’t about another shop going out of business or the failure of the comic book market, but it is about how we’re trying to stay on our mission, keep our community intact and hopefully grow it.

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