Rob Hanes Adventures #22 Searches for Nazi Gold

Rob Hanes Adventures #22 Flashes Back to World War II in Search of Nazi Gold
Inkpot Award Winner releases new issue for Comic-Con@Home 2021

Available at the WCG Comics virtual booth at the Comic-Con@Home edition of the 2021 San Diego Comic-Con: the newest issue of Rob Hanes Adventures, free downloadable comics and previews, trade paperbacks, all back issues, and other merchandise. For additional information, contact Randy Reynaldo at WCG Comics. See below for additional images for promotional use. Randy is a 2018 San Diego Comic-Con Inkpot Award recipient.

Cartoonist Randy Reynaldo and his publishing imprint, WCG Comics, has been a mainstay exhibitor at the San Diego Comic-Con for more than 25 years, and continues that tradition as a virtual exhibitor at this year’s Comic-Con@Home. And no badges needed for one of the biggest and well known comic-book and pop culture conventions in the world!

Rob Hanes Adventures #22 will be available for preview and pre-order this year at WCG Comics’ virtual booth at Comic-Con@Home, scheduled July 23–25. The issue opens in the waning days of World War II as U.S. soldiers come across retreating Nazis seeking to hide a trove of gold reserves—then flashes forward to the present day as Justice International investigator Rob Hanes picks up the trail of an extremist paramilitary group that is trying to find the still-missing gold to fund its terror operations. Past and present fuse as Rob discovers his own personal connection to the wartime incident, but will he be able to uncover the final resting place of the treasure before the extremists do? The issue is anticipated to be available in August.

Also available will be all back issues, including trade paperbacks, single issues, downloadable previews, merchandise, and even a FREE downloadable comic-book issue in its entirety for readers to sample the series:

Trade paperbacks collecting the early runs of the series, and two volumes collecting issues 1–4 and 5–8 at special reduced prices! Selected packages to purchase the entire run of Rob Hanes Adventures or the run along with the trade paperback collections of additional material not appearing in the main series. And, of course, all back issues, such as the popular and perennial “Death at Comicon” murder mystery! All orders will receive our usual freebies like bookmarks, pins, and a free back issue! With Comic-Con open to all this year, now is the time to experience the exhibition hall and panels for the first time and in an all new way!

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