Comics about Sports: A Specially Curated Kick-Ass List Just for You


Sports and comics have not always had a very hearty relationship right from the beginning. With the dichotomies of the jock and the nerd stereotypes making comics creators shy away from sports comics in the first place, sports comics are a rare thing to come across. So, it’s not a miracle that one might wonder if they even exist. 

Wondering what you, as a sports aficionado or a sports betting enthusiast as well as a comic book fan could read that would set your nerves on fire and make you stay up nights just to finish? Well, dawdle no further! feature sports betting sites that offer bets on comics along with other special bets. And this list is just what you need. 


5 Top Sports Comics to Read 

  • Title: A Map to the Sun

Publisher: First Second 

Creator: Sloane Leong 

What cool moves does it have?

This comics ticks all the boxes really. Beautiful graphics? Check. Gripping storyline? Check. Sporty action? A definite check. 

What’s the plot?

Ren and Luna are two estranged friends who meet again as teenagers. Ren is hesitant to repair the friendship, but a new women’s basketball team comes into the mix, throwing the personal and public lives of these teenagers into chaos.

  • Title: Check, Please! 

Publisher: First Second 

Creator: Ngozi Ukazu 

What cool moves does it have?

It has a unique vlog system to speak with the readers without a narrator and is essentially a college love story interspersed with the action-packed game of ice hockey. It is also THE queer sports comics of the year! 

What’s the plot?

Eric is the former junior figure skating champion, a pastry chef by hobby, and a passionate vlogger. He is also on the university ice hockey team and in love with the attractive caption, Jack, who is really moody. 

  • Title: The Golem’s Mighty Swing

Publisher: Drawn and Quarterly 

Creator: James Sturm 

What cool moves does it have?

This one is for all the rare history collectors out there, all those who love a bit of history wrapped in insane graphics and a superb storyline. 

What’s the plot?

Sturm really has a knack to find out the hidden gems of American history as he brings out the real story of the Stars of David, a Jewish baseball team during the Depression Period. Anti-semitism, racism, money troubles, and the American dream. Power-packed enough for you?

  • Title: Joe Palooka Series 

Publisher: McNaught Syndicate 

Creator: Ham Fisher 

What cool moves does it have?

This is a series that came out way back in 1930. So retro lovers are going to find this one to be a massive success. 

What’s the plot?

Joe Palooka is a fighter who doesn’t like to fight. A gentle knight, his sporty adventures inside and outside the ring are funny and thought-provoking.

  • Title: Peng Action Sports Adventures

Publisher: Oni Press Inc.

Creator: Corey Lewis 

What cool moves does it have?

Cool teenager sports club? Check. Great graphics? Double-check. Rare sports tournaments? Triple check.

What’s the plot?

The Foot Knux is the club that will master kick-ass sports such as breakdancing, hacky sack, and kickball at the All-World School of Sportsmanship, fighting the baddies and staying lit. 

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