Hi, I’m Rik Offenberger… comic book journalist and co-author of the MLJ Companion! I’ve teamed up with Jim Burrows and Eric N. Bennett, and we want to tell you about our exciting new Kickstarter comic book project.

The Agent is the story of FBI Agent Simon N. Kirby and the world of G-Man Comics. In his world, all superheroes are registered with the government. Under the Super Hero Registration Act, the FBI presses superheroes into service as needed to protect their country. Simon N. Kirby is the man in charge of the FBI’s superhero team, the G-Men. It operates in the style of  “Mission Impossible”, where he selects the right agents for the right mission.
When you support G-Man Comics, you get not one, but five great comic books.

Agent Kirby tries to break away from his dependence on technologies developed by Henry Rothländer. As the FBI begins to develop its own tech for Agent Kirby, researchers quickly discover it isn’t as easy as they may have hoped to separate the agency from Rothländer Industries. Enter Aktion, the Rothländer Industries insider who will stop at nothing to thwart Agent Kirby’s ambitions! If that weren’t enough, Tigerstrike returns from the pages of G-Men United!
Story: Rik Offenberger | Art: Alan Faria | Letters: Eric N. Bennett | 20 pages
It’s Atomik Bombshell’s 21st birthday and Agent Kirby arranges for a party with all her “friends,” only to have the festivities broken up by an alien invasion!
Story: Rik Offenberger | Art: Dean Juliette | Letters: Eric N. Bennett | 8 pages
Who’s Who pages for backer heroes with art by Gilbert Monsanto | 6 pages
Covers: Alan Faria, Steven Butler, and Pat Broderick | A 40 page comic

This Kickstarter also sees the Rise of four all-new first issues…

Our story opens in 2006 as the teenage superhero, Willa Yancey—still known as Invictus—steps up to fill the gap left by the Decimation, when Earth lost more than one out of every ten superheroes battling the alien menace of the Skerlings. None of the world’s supervillains were sacrificed. Now New Acadia is facing an emerging threat. Savage beast-men are prowling the back streets and the wooded paths of Great Meadow Park. Lycanthropes? Mutants? Where are they coming from? Who or what is behind them?
In the aftermath of “I Want You” (G-Men United #1), modern-day Willa continues the tale she began in “Who is Outrage?” from G-Men United #2. Join Agent Kirby in learning the origin of New Acadia’s strongest meta-human—Outrage—as she and her roommate Dena Wolf seek to solve the mystery of the Beast-Men of New Acadia.
Story by Jim Burrows | Art by Gilbert Monsanto | Letters by Eric N. Bennett | 20 pages
This issue’s two backup features tie in with Jim’s recently released novel The Demon Priest. (The Demon Priest himself appeared in G-Man 3in1, issues #1 & 2.)
Backup story 1: Lileilah’s Story, Part 1
The story of Lileilah, the Fallen Angel, starts uncountable æons ago in the Celestial Garden where she prepared sentient sparks to be born into the world, looked over by the guardian Watchers. Then the Watchers and Lileilah herself begin their fall.
Story: Jim Burrows | Art: Mel Ford | Letters: Eric N. Bennett | 2 pages
Backup story 2: The Night Lili
Three decades after the Demon Wars, one of the Lilim, the children of Lilith, reappears in New Acadia destined to battle the heroes of Jim Burrows’ novel, The Demon Priest. Her story starts here.
Story: Jim Burrows | Art: Arnaldo dos Santos Ferreira Júnior | Letters: Eric N. Bennett | 6 pages
Covers: Alan Faria, Steven Butler, and Tom Grindberg | A 32-page comic

Rising from G-Man Comics 3in1 to an all-new title, the duo known as Lynx takes on the Circus of Crime! When Mateo goes out of town, Maya ends up spending a night at the museum, and watches firsthand as history comes alive!
Story: Rik Offenberger | Art: Milton Estevam | Color: Téo Pinheiro | Letters: Eric N. Bennett | 20 pages
Agent Kirby calls on Ali Rashed to find the mole in the FBI. How will Henry Rothländer react to Ali’s investigation? Introducing Kid Terror.
Story: Rik Offenberger | Art: Joshua 1:9 Holley | Letters: Eric N. Bennett | 8 pages
Covers by Mike Cody, Steven Butler, and OMG!
A 32-page comic
Rising from his supporting role in Simon N. Kirby, The Agent to his own all-new title, Sgt. Flag finally has his origin story told in all its glory. From his services in the Marine Corps to his first mission for the FBI, see the entire origin story unfold! Sgt. Flag meets Agent Kirby and Agent Squires for the first time and joins the FBI, whether he likes it or not.
Story: Rik Offenberger | Art: Gilbert Monsanto | Letters: Eric N. Bennett | 20 pages
Backup story: SGT. FLAG & WILDCARD
Agent Kirby calls on Wildcard for a bit of corporate espionage. When she goes radio silent, Sgt. Flag is sent in. Will they be able to work together long enough to complete the mission? Introducing Wildcard.
Story: Rik Offenberger & Gregg Whitmore | Pencils: Bobby Ragland | Inks: Luis Rivera | Color: Téo Pinheiro | Letters: Eric N. Bennett | 10 pages
An additional text story about the history of Sgt. Flag’s beginnings| 2 pages
Covers by Gilbert Monsanto, Steven Butler, and Mike Gustovich
A 36 page comic

The stars are aligned. The time is right. And after eight centuries of imprisonment, the moment approaches for TARANIS THE THUNDERLORD to return to the realm of the living! But there are those who would prefer he remain in his dreamless slumber, and these dark forces are willing to sacrifice anything and anyone to keep him from returning!
Story: Eric N. Bennett | Art: Arnaldo dos Santos Ferreira Júnior | Color: Victor Raniery | Letters: Eric N. Bennett | 20 pages
This issue also features a backup “TALES OF OTHERWORLD” story!
In the distant past, TARANIS THE THUNDERLORD and his boon companion BODEN THE BLIND travel the unknown pathways of Otherworld seeking adventure. And it is on this journey that Taranis first meets the love of his immortal life! Introducing: DARA OF THE CELTS!
Story: Eric N. Bennett | Art: Fernando Damasio | Color: Tristan MacDonald | Letters: Eric N. Bennett | 8 pages
Covers by Arnaldo dos Santos Ferreira Júnior, Steven Butler and Ron Frenz
A 32-page comic

Steve Perrin’s Black Phantom #1
Before Black Panther, Luke Cage, or Black Lightning… there was The Black Phantom!
In 1964, in the pages of Mask and Cape #4, Steve Perrin and Ronn Foss created the world’s first Black superhero: The Black Phantom (two years before the Black Panther)! In 1966, they expanded the text story to a 13-page strip in Fantasy Illustrated #6. Recently, John Jennings, a Professor of Media and Cultural Studies at the University of California at Riverside and a Hugo Award Winner, was working with Steve Perrin on a revival of The Black Phantom at the time of Steve’s death.
Jennings and editor Jim Burrows have worked with Steve Perrin’s widow and the children of the late Ronn Foss to bring us this piece of comic history—in color for the first time—colored by G-Man Comic’s own David Ellis Leary. For purists, we also produced a black & white edition. The remastered Black Phantom is just the first project that the team will be publishing under the Sankofa Comics label.
Story: Steve Perrin | Art: Ronn Foss | Color: David Ellis Leary | 24 pages
A 28 page comic


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