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*All comics will be rated on a scale from 1 to 10*

Action Comics # 1040
Amazing Spider-Man # 90
Arrowsmith: Behind Enemy Lines # 2
Aquamen # 1
Ben Reilly: Spider-Man # 2
Black Widow # 14
Blue And Gold # 6
Detective Comics # 1054
Ghost Rider # 1
Hardware: Season One # 1
Heavy Metal Drummer # 1
Saga # 56
Silver Surfer: Rebirth # 2
Supermassive 2022 (One-Shot)
Teen Titans Academy # 12

Amazing Spider-Man # 90– Ben Reilly’s second outing as Spider-Man may be coming to an end but with the introduction of Queen Goblin as well as Peter Parker making a comeback, The Beyond era is looking to go out in style. Peter’s battle with Queen Goblin basically made this issue so amazing (No pun intended) and since everybody who’s picked up this series had to waddle through three months of Ben Reilly/Beyond Corporation stories will find that this issue takes great pride in using that old saying of good things coming to those that wait.

Aquamen # 1– Aquaman fans now have a new series they can enjoy as Arthur Curry and Jackson Hyde share the mantle and dive into an adventure that involves a Middle Eastern terrorist that’s revealed to be an Atlantean sleeper agent gone rogue. I enjoy how both Ocean Master and Black Manta are thrown in for good measure (The tension between Black Manta and Jackson is still intact); Chuck Brown and Brandon Thomas deliver a story that not only brings respect to both Aquamen but continues the trend of not making them come off as jokes (I can assure you that no one talks to any fish in this issue); The chemistry that both Arthur and Jackson have gives this series a nice touch while once again showing that Jackson Hyde really does have the heart and soul to be the next Aquaman. Sami Basri’s artwork is still sharp as ever and it’s quite a joy to see him back on a monthly as he continues to be impressive and hopes to see him provide more high-powered sequences that will astound the readers. Highly recommend this title to anyone who loves Aquaman.

Ghost Rider # 1– I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this is without a doubt a great Ghost Rider comic that I believe reintroduced him to a new generation of readers who are not that familiar with him. Johnny Blaze seems to be living the good life when it comes to having a wife and two kids but with these dark nightmares he’s been having and it feels like a certain spirit ready to come out is where the story takes and truly brings the terror and suspense factors to life and delivers big time on that. Benjamin Percy and Cory Smith are the perfect creative team to breathe new life to Ghost Rider all while celebrating the groundbreaking stories from the 1970s that made him the breakout character that everyone remembers to this day.

Heavy Metal Drummer # 1– This series was recommended by my good friend Andy Cazares and I am completely blown away by this concept- Aliens mixed in with Heavy Metal music makes for a bold and interesting series in which a man named Dave, who’s the drummer in a heavy metal band finds himself in a battle between order and chaos with aliens that inhabit the bodies of random humans in 1986 Los Angeles will have you hooked the moment you open this comic because it’s weird and strange so those factors alone have me loving this series so far. It’s “Murder Falcon” meets “Twin Peaks” with the weirdness factor in effect so it’s is a fun read for anyone who is a big fan of Heavy Metal music and Aliens.

Saga # 56– Alana, Hazel, and Bombazine are captured by pirates, Prince Robot IV’s family are still mourning his death and Alana gets a job opportunity from a pirate with a very unusual request that doesn’t sit well with her and I really like how Brian K. Vaughn juggles these plots with perfection all while never missing a beat and once again maintaining its status as a compelling series that never comes off as dull but keeps things flowing along as we continue to celebrate the return of Saga. This series does a perfect job of introducing new characters while making sure the existing characters are still thriving in a way that will remind Saga fans of how much they’re beloved.

Supermassive 2022 (One-Shot)– Radiant Black soars high into his very first crossover that expands the title’s universe and introduces Rogue Sun and Inferno Girl Red, plus I really like the outstanding way that this crossover was presented- a double-sized one-shot that not only builds but expands on the recent events from Radiant Black but gives the readers a beginning, middle and ending that doesn’t come across as messy nor does it try to juggle so many plot elements that will confuse the readers. Kyle Higgins, Ryan Parrot, and Mat Groom did a remarkable job in writing this one-shot and at the same time, made crossovers fun again not over fell so bloated with tie-ins (Looking at the both of you, Marvel and DC!!); Image Comics have really made superhero comics noteworthy for fans of this medium and thanks to this crossover, Radiant Black’s world has just expanded …..and that’s something to be happy about!

Well, that’s it for me this week. Thanks for sticking around and I will see you all next time.

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