Title: Zombie Tramp FCBD
Publisher: Action Lab
Created/Written/Cover by: Dan Mendoza
Co-Writing/Edits/Colors/Letters: Jason Martin
Flashback Art & Colors: Dan Mendoza
On Art: TMChu
Price: free
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: This is a mature title, parental advisory, not for kids.
Zombie Girl can look human and as such she is one gorgeously drawn babe, Her breasts are huge. As a zombie she also looks hot and sexy.
Zombie Girl was trained by a Voodoo Priestess Xula. Both her and Zombie Girl wear very little.
Janey may be dead but she still has attitude. She also has a bloody killer instinct bow. She can and will punch holes in you. Janey also has a newly drawn butt.
“Ehmm Theory” with story by Brockton McKinney, art by Larkin Ford and colors by Aimme Hanchey.
This preview has alternate versions of some of the main characters. The villain here is a visual weirdo. Kind of disturbing to in how he is drawn.
“Dry Spell” with story and art by Ken Krekeler. The art is kind of vague. The story has a guy a probable killer being stopped by a woman with power.
This issue provides a brief glimpse of the characters and series of these three comic books.

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