RICH INTERVIEWS: Dan Mendoza Creator/Co-Writer “Zombie Tramp”

First Comics News: How and why did you come up with the idea for “Zombie Tramp”?

Dan Mendoza: Originally Zombie Tramp was a book I was making just for myself. I wanted to work on something that had all the elements of things I liked.
Zombies/monsters, over the top grind house movies, horror, and beautiful women.

1st: How would you describe Zombie Tramp’s personality?

Dan: There’s no Hell like a Women’s scorn. To me that’s a big part of Zombie Tramps personality. Although at times, she can show some heart, once you’ve wronged her, she will end you.

1st: Do you think issue one had enough covers?

Dan: Haha! no comment.

1st: Why do comic book fans love this comic?

Dan: I think fans like it not for just the over the top violence, and the scantly clad women, but the character (although she’s dead), has a lot of human insecurities and flaws as we all do, and I think people can relate with that.

1st: You also draw would you like to be drawing “Zombie Tramp” since you were the artist on the original series?

Dan: Since Zombie Tramp is now a monthly series, it would be too much of a work load to continue drawing the series, but I plan to draw an issue here and there down the line.

Would you like to see an action figure of Zombie Tramp?

Dan: Well HELLO? of course. 🙂

1st: What will the future hold for “Zombie Tramp”?

Dan: My mind is full of Zombie Tramp stories, but I can’t reveal anything as of yet. just be on the look out for re-occurring characters from the original volumes.

1st: Would you like to meet Zombie Tramp for real?

Dan: If I saw Zombie Tramp for real, I would run. but after I took a few pics with my phone.

Rich: Do you think “Zombie Tramp” the comic could offend anyone?

Dan: Of course it does. But then again, you can’t please everyone.

Rich: Do you have any plans for writing or drawing any other comic books?

Dan: I would like to one day, but not at this time.

Rich: Outside of comic books how do you like to spend your time?

Dan: I hardly have any spare time, but when I do, I like to spend it with my Wife, eating, sleeping, and watching Maury Povich. “you are NOT the FATHER!”

1st: How can someone contact you?

Dan: Anyone can reach me on my Zombie Tramp facebook page or email.

1st: Any final words for all those Zombie Tramp fans out there?

Dan: Thanks to all of my followers. It’s exciting to see Janey get this far and your guys love for her has taken her there. I will continue to bring you the same kind of stories you enjoy and together we will see how far we can take her.

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