RICH REVIEWS: Zombie Tramp # 43

Title: Zombie Tramp # 43
Publisher: Action Lab Comics
Created & Written by: Dan Mendoza
Drawn by: Celor
Colors by: Valentina Pucci
Letters by: Justin Birch
Cover by: Celor/Colors Arnold Robles
Variant Covers by: Jason Federhenn/Colors Arnold Robles, Dan Mendoza
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Comments: Janey Belle aka Zombie Tramp is in a battle with a pack of demons. Now it turns out she now has a new demon form. The form grants her even more power. It is good to see her with a sense of belonging.
The scene jumps to Morning and then to Lila the living doll.
Zombie Tramp is drawn with big breasts but not impressive ones and her butt is just a mess. The art was not sexy or sensual at all. None of the hot babes were illustrated to show off their assets.
The story was slow and very little happened.  Zombie Tramp having a worshiper/slave to do her every bidding just does not seem right. Where was all the killing? No blood?
Zombie Tramp needs more zombies and more tramp.

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