RICH REVIEWS: James Flamestar and the Stargazers (GN)

Title: James Flamestar and the Stargazers (GN)
Publisher: Shane W Smith
Concept and Story by: Tim Irving
Script and Artwork by: Shane W Smith
Price: $ 13.15 Can
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments:  Music has been outlawed and even banned from many worlds in this future graphic novel about the rebel Stargazers lead by James Flamestar.  The band has its own unique look. The art style has an artistic quality which does work well.
The story is told as if James Flamestar were being interviewed so he narrates it.
On an alien planet, strange things happen. Flamestar falls in love and then his enemy is destroyed. Who was the enemy destroyed?
The art changes back and forth from color to partly colored to black and white. It is done in a way that the art does still flow smoothly.
James has a guitar called the Axe of Angrilor and it like its name is not ordinary. A sentient guitar is amazing. he lettering and coloring on the lettering make it very hard to read.
The Silver Empire is the villain but what exactly is it?
As James and the Stargazers play their music the narration tells you what happens but does not show you. The colors used are outstanding.
Finally, soldiers from the Silver Empire arrive and take James into custody. Who exactly is the girl James has fallen in love with? She comes and goes as she pleases.
James finds he has a power he never guessed at one that can topple armies and more.  Or can he? Are things as they seem or something different. It is hard to fully understand this story. One thing is clear though James Flamestar loves to play music.

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