itle: Youdan
Publisher: self published
Creator/Writer/Artist: Blest Tshimanga
Price: free online
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: “English Cup Final” The soccer game is not going so well Sheffield. Sony one of the players for Sheffield goes in and delivers excitement. The art does need work, more details would be great to see. More realistic proportions would be nice to. The colors are solid and bright.
“Disappointment” The excitement and thrills of the game come through in this comic. His last shot on goal but something goes wrong.
“The Timpixel VR” Sony plays great and than somehow he messes it all up. What happened? The grammar needed to be checked. In this chapter a new way to play virtual video games is introduced.
“The Timepixel VR2” Sony’s brother has a pair of the new Timpixel VR A360 reality glasses. Sony tries them on and is all excited.
“Teleportation” The art does improve as the comic goes along. As Sony starts the game something weird and amazing happens. The more you read of this story the more you find yourself drawn into it.
There is mystery, excitement and a great character in Sony in this comic.

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