RICH REVIEWS: Ana and the Cosmic Race Volume 1: The Race Begins

Title: Ana and the Cosmic Race Volume 1: The Race Begins (GN)
Publisher: Charmz
Created by: Amy Chu & Kata Kane
Story by: Amy Chu
Art/Cover by: Kata Kane
Color: Laurie E. Smith
Lettering: Bryan Senka
Price: $ 9.99 US ($14.99 US Hardcover)
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: The art is done in a cute style that makes it look like a cartoon. At school the Galactic Scholastic Federation Ana wants to win the Cosmic Race. Ana is drawn as a cute girl with pink hair and her personality makes her likable. The prize for winning the race is huge.
This is a fun adventure that girls, a younger audience and anyone at all can enjoy. The story flows smoothly.
The Cosmic Race is about time travel and solving clues. You have to be fast and smart. The competitiveness is friendly.
The scenery is simple yet beautiful. The settings are something else to see.
Ana and Keio find the first Emerald Gem. There are still more though Gems. Keio and Ekene are Ana’s biggest threats. They are also maybe her new romantic interests.
For a fun lighthearted sci-fi adventure Ana and the Cosmic Race deliver.

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