Title: WWE # 7
Publisher: BOOM! Comics
Writers: Dennis Hopeless, Andrew Stott
Story by: Andy Belanger and Andrew Stott
Illustrated by: Serg Acuna and Tim Lattie, Andy Belanger
Colored by: Doug Garbark, Serge Lapointe
Lettered by: Jim Campbell, Serge Lapointe
Cover by: Dan Moira
Variant Covers by: Rahzzah, Brent Schoonover with Colors by Nick Filardi, Jorge Corona, Adam Riches, Lynne Yoshi
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: As Sasha and Dean stop at a truck stop it turns out they are in Wyatt Country. Wyatt’s family and home are a crazy looking group and place. He has a huge extended family that all seem to like wearing a certain type of mask.
Wyatt kidnaps Sasha and Dean. He invites Sasha to join his flock. Dean and Sasha make an escape and as they do it turns into something like out of a Mad Max movie.
Sasha and Dean do make a cute and crazy couple. They actually do mesh well together. Sasha is so beautiful and athletic while Dean is plain crazy in how he acts and has that look on his face.
“Damien’s Dinner Time” starring Jake “The Snake” Roberts. So many great of wrestling are shown here. Here we see a snake can beat a dragon. Great art shows us all these legends of the ring.

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