RICH REVIEWS: Blokes Tomb of Horror # 666

Title: Blokes Tomb of Horror # 666
Publisher: Virus Comix
Writers: Jason ‘Bloke’ Crawley, Lyndal Ferguson, Mixtress Mary DeSade, Alessio Landi, Fabrizio Fassio & Valentino Sergi
Artists: Alfredo & Alessio Nocerino, Alberto Lingua, Vincenzo Balzano, Lyndal Ferguson, Mirko Benotto, Tony Karnes, Alessandro Borroni, Silvano & Renato Stevanato.
Front Cover Artwork: Alfredo Nocerino (A,B), Lyndal Ferguson (C), Vincenzo Balzano (D), Alessandro Borroni (E), Silvano (F)
Back Cover Artwork: Alfredo Nocerino (A), Fernando Ignatius (B,E), Lyndal Ferguson (C), Vincenzo Balzano (D), Silvano (F)
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: The Bloke is the narrator of these tales. He is a tough looking guy. Think Two-Face in Hell.
Family Matters” Written and lettered by Jason Crawley and artwork by Vincenzo Balzano.
A man and his wife are on their way to the in-laws. On the way they stop at a house and the family there are worse than the in-laws. This is a short horror story that delivers a grisly ending.
Dr. Bang and the Naughty Nurse” Written by Lyndal Ferguson and Mixtress Mary DeSade, artwork by Lyndal Ferguson and lettered by Jason Crawley.
This the first appearance of Nurse Hatchet does have her having fun. She is illustrated with the cutest butt ever. T&A are shown so there is some nudity.
Nurse Hatchet must face Dr. Bang and Dead Girl. Dead Girl has a really nicely drawn butt to. Nurse Hatchet does do evil things but only to evil people that deserve it. So all three turn out to be on the same side, they all punish the evil. Nurse Hatchet delivers her own brand of bed side manners.
Harley Havoc – Under the Dust” Written and lettered by Alessio Landi and artwork by Mirko Benotto.
One hard butt kicking woman makes her way shooting and exploding into a heavily guarded building. The story has nice art and delivers a twist. Harley turns out to not be exactly as you are lead to believe.
The Screaming Statues” Written by Fabrizio Fassio, artwork by Alessandro Borroni and lettered by Alessandro Ferrara.
A Countess who is very jealous goes to great lengths to make sure no one at all takes away attention from her. This woman was so jealous it made her evil. Her evil slowly creeps up on you as you read this tale.
Who is the Real Vermin?” Written and lettered by Jason Crawley and artwork by Tony Karnes.
Grant a exterminator who enjoys his job a little to much gets an unexpected surprise. It is one he deserves. The rats here are illustrated well. They will make you worried about seeing one.
Zombie Decadence” Written by Valentino Sergi, artwork and lettering by Aberto Lingua.
Two US Marines capture a bunch of zombies and you will never believe what they do with them. Some people are just plain sick. The art looks good showing off the decaying zombies.
Deja Grue” Written and lettered by Jason Crawley, pencils by Renato Stevanato and pencil layouts by Alessio Nocerino.
Victoria after a night out drinking has a realistic bad dream that she almost expects to be real when she wakes up. Sometimes dreams that seem real are real. Poor Victoria.

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