Title: WWE # 13
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Writers: Samoa Joe & Michael Kingston, Julian May, Lan Pitts, Kevin Panetta
Illustrated by: Michel Mulipola, Rodrigo Lorenzo, Kendall Goode, Daniel Bayliss
Colored by: Doyg Garbark,
Lettered by: Jim Campbell
Cover by: Dan Mora
Variant Covers by: Adam Riches, Brent Schoonover/with Colors by Nick Filardi, Adam X Vass
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Undrafted” This story is all about Samoa Joe. He is one tough guy. Here Samoa Joe’s character and the mood of that character are set. The art brings across the characters beautifully so they match their TV personas.
“The Yes Movement” Daniel Bryan and his “Yes” movement was a strong factor in wrestling. He was a fan favorite and as a General Manager, he still is.
“Unbroken” Its Jeff Hardy vs the Undertaken from Jeff’s point of view. We see here the heart Jeff puts into his match as these two go head to head. This was a great match.
“Fest Prep” The friendship that existed between Jericho and Kevin Owens is shown here and you see just how lopsided it was. Kevin Owens was just using Jericho and Jericho went way overboard on his friendship. These two Canadians were never meant to be and their friendship is brought to an explosive end here.
The way this comic delves not only into the ring lives of the wrestlers but into their personal lives is what makes this such a great read.

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