BOOK CAVE: Four In The Way By Jeff Deischer

Four In The Way

By Jeff Deischer


Jeff Deischer’s newest book, Four In The Way felt like a cross between the TV series Dark Matter and The Guardians of The Galaxy movies. Even though he had started writing the book before either were aired. Once you start reading the book you will see the similarities.

The book is separated into three short stories, Love At First Smell, Treasure Hunt and This Planet Under New Management. Each story can be read on its own or all at once. With any book by Jeff Deischer you will want to read it in one sitting.

This book continues the adventures of  the four heroes…well, three escaped convicts and one unfrozen 1400 year old cook. Their leader, “I am Gro…,” oops, I mean Wormwood, is not your typical person you would meet or even want to meet, due to the fact he is a plant man. The other two members, Noomi and Indri, while not human, they are not plant. As mentioned above, the fourth member, Tully, is the only human member and only member not wanted by the law.

I’ve read nearly every book Jeff has published and enjoyed all. All of his characters have an unique voice to each one that makes them a pleasure to read. If you are a fan of story that keeps you glued to the page, this is it. How many books have you read where, while it appears that the group is a family, you feel that maybe deep down they don’t completely trust each other. Plus, I wouldn’t want to be with them for any great length of time. The danger may not be from them, but from outside, the “so-called” law.

Make sure and check his Amazon page for more very entertaining books.

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