RICH REVIEWS: Wrinkled #1

Title: Wrinkled (one shot)
Publisher: Mat Heagerty
Writer: Mat Heagerty
Artist: Will Tempest
Lettering by: Ed Brisson
Price: free online
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Pop-Pop has Alzheimer’s and Dementia. This makes it hard on his family. He has a wife and grandson.
Then the unexpected happens. The grandmother is murdered. Cliff her son is a policeman and he is going to find out who did it.
The family that is left are dysfunctional. These people are really screwed up. It is also a bit hard to follow who is who and how they are all related.
Cliff’s grandpa now seems to have a gift. It is one that could help him and others.
Now as to who killed Cliff’s grandma well the person is not who you would ever have guessed. The crime though is solved and the case closed.
We do get a valuable lesson here. Even when someone gets old they are never useless. Our elders deserve respect.

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