RICH REVIEWS: Vampblade Season 2 # 1

Title: Vampblade Season 2 # 1
Publisher: Action Lab Comics
Created & Written by: Jason Martin
Artwork by: Winston Young
Colored by: Daniel Arruda Massa
Color Assists: Jason Martin
Lettered by: Adam Wollet
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Warning: This book contains an all-new costume plus more kinky and quirky intergalactic parasite slaying action!”
Katie is a comic book store owner that has become the living embodiment of a comic book super-hero fighting Glarkian space vampires from Dimension Zarr.
Katie tries out a new costume this issue. It is cool and badass. As Katie goes kill happy on a plane she cuts and guts a parasite. The look on her face says she enjoys her work or is it a pleasure.
The blades have taken over once Katie transforms. Also Katie when she kills a vamp now kills the host human. This is new.
The scene out of the Shining is well done and so cute.
Katie drawn in her bed with butt in the air is so sexy. Katie topless makes this a mature title. Overall though Katie is not shown off as well as she should be.
Katie’s mission continues and yes space vampires are going to die.

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