RICH REVIEWS: Worlds of Rage # 1

Title: Worlds of Rage # 1
Publisher: Glyphs Productions
Script: Eric Peyron
Art: Stephane Degardin
Lettering: Eric Payron
Price: $ 2.70 US (Digital)
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: This is an anthology. A collection of three short stories that continue on next issue. All these stories take place within the Rage Universe.
“Serena” Written by Eric Peyron and penciled by Stephane Degardin.
The colors are subdued. The art looks tame. Serena finds a traveler in need of her skills of healing. Something is wrong with the traveler and there is danger in the air. Serena is shown as a caring soul. The story barely gets started before it ends for this issue.
“Arcana” Written by Eric Peyron, pencils by Yonami, inks by Emanuel Braga, colors by Cesar Edgar and lettering by Steve Wands & Eric Peyron.
This story starts off with one amazingly beautiful rendition of Khain Alhazred. Four men Arlin Count of Dubrios, Ennis Baron of Mendor, Aldaro Duke of Calbriga and Lorne Count of Orbis have gathered together. Kharn then joins them. They end up talking about if they can trust Kharn and play a game to see if they can, continued next issue. This part is great for introducing the characters and getting you interested in learning more. The art definitely fits the characters and setting.
“Rage Strip: Curse of the Panthermen Part 1” Written by Eric Peyron and art by Stephane Degardin.
Here we see some slaves working in a diamond mine. The art is plain and does little to hold your attention. The story sets up for more to come but offers little here.
The pin-up page is one beautiful illustration pf primeval characters at their best. Each characters personalities are wonderfully brought out in the art.

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