Title: Rage # 2
Publisher: Glyphs Productions
Script: Eric Peyron
Pencils & Inks: Alex Nascimento
Colors: Stephane Degardin
Lettering: Eric Peyron
Cover: Alex Nascimento with colors by Stephane Degardin
Price: $ 1.99 US (Digital)
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Princess Ariane, Tuk, Nicodemus and Rage are on a quest in the Brethain Isles.
The two page bar scene is stunning. It is beautifully colored and all the characters placed just right. Our major players are in the center of it all and illustrated just right. There is nudity so this is a mature title.
A little to much time is spent on reading maps. It is used to show Rage and a bar maid having fun together. They go good together.
The trip does start to drag out. The travelers are just hanging out at an inn.
The werewolves are a nice touch to the story. They do not see action this issue though. Rage as well does not see action well no fighting he does see other action. That action is fun to see but Rage is a warrior and is best used in battle.

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