RICH REVIEWS: World War Tank Girl # 1

Title: World War Tank Girl # 1
Publisher: Titan Comics
Written by: Alan Martin
Drawn & Lettered by: Brett Parson
Cover: Brett Parson
Variant Covers: Keith Burns, Shaky Kane, Alan Martin, Chris Wahl, Ben Oliver
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Websites: ,
Comments: A nude Tank Girl runs through Saint Rockville, Belgium creating a distraction. She makes her way through town and through the Germans there. You never saw anyone having so much fun killing Nazi’s while getting dressed in pieces of their clothing. You have to see these scenes.
The pages paper is styled after old newsprint comics.
Tank Girl is in the middle of a German vs British troops. She is one crazy girl. Barney we see is just as crazy. Booga ends up in a German kitchen.
Tank Girl is so crazy and unpredictable. When she fights it is chaos while still being a thing of beauty.
Now how did Tank Girl and her friends travel into the past?
Tank Girl is a character that is used right here. Plus having her get a tank is just too perfect. Her and tanks are just meant to be.
So go out and pick up a copy of this book before Tank Girl kicks you in the bullocks.

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