RICH REVIEWS: World of Archie Comics Double Digest # 64

worldofarchiecomicsdoubledigest_64-0Title: World of Archie Comics Double Digest # 64
Publisher: Archie Comics
Writer: Tom DeFalco, Mike Pellowski, Frank Doyle, George Gladir
Pencils: Pat & Tim Kennedy, Stan Goldberg, Dan DeCarlo, Bob White, Jeff Shultz
Inks: Bob Smith, Henry Scarpelli, Rudy Lapick, Bob White, Rich Koslowski
Letters: Jack Morelli, Bill Yoshida, Vince DeCarlo
Colors: Glenn Whitmore, Carlos Antunes
Cover: Dan Parent
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Spinner Winner!” Reggie’s Christmas gift to Archie leaves them both cold. A spinner snow sled and Archie do not mix well. It is fun to see him using it though.
“Fresh Idea!” Buying a Christmas tree is no easy matter for Archie. Well nothing is easy for him. Nice art and a cute story are in this story.
“Season Of Magic” Jingles the Christmas Brownie visits the gang. Fun and pranks on Reggie ensue. Cute art to.
“the Rescue” The rescue is more of a setup. Melody’s charms and Pepper’s brains are both used here. Lovely art as well.
“All Unstrung” Josie wants a date and the guys well they have other things on ther minds. Poor Josie losses out to some strings. She is illustrated nicely in her blue dress.
“Defeat From Within” Archie and Chuck make a great team on the basketball court. Until a couple of females get involved and than get involved again to deal with them getting involved the first time. The art does show some nicely drawn basketball scenes.
“Cool Rule!” Vereonica shows off her business sense in this story. She comines it with her shopping know how.
“You Are What You Eat” Jughead does eat a lot and he knows what he eats. His diet is full of all the stuff a body needs to grow and function. Jughead is an expert on eating. It is fun to read about how he describes food.
“A Touch of Glass” This story does seem lacking of the humor that most Archie stories have.
“Santa Claws” Betty and Veronica both want to play Santa and both become very naughty girls. They do get punished but not with lumps of coal. The girls are both so cute dressed up as Santa.
These stories and many more await you the reader inside these pages.

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