Title: Woe Is Oz # 3
Publisher: Oz Entertainment
Illustrated and Designed by: Kelly Brown
Written by: Ethan Tarshish
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Ozma looks gorgeous in a wonderfully designed dress. We get a look back in time when Queen Ozma was crowned as Queen of Oz. There is a threat to the Queen it is played down a lot as if it did not matter.
Ozma turns out to be a viscous woman when attacked. She also turns out to be a coward or so it seems.
The story needs a lot more explanation as to what is going on and who everyone is and why they are doing what they are.
The art is colorful. Oz is illustrated as an amazing place.
Jinjur the Queen’s bodyguard makes for a fantastic person. She is loyal to a fault. Her feelings and caring for the Queen come through loud and clear.
Queen Ozma does come across as an amazing woman. Yet at the end you are left wondering what is happening.
Oz is a beautiful land filled with unique people. Ozma is someone you will feel for and cheer for.

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