Title: Woe Is Oz # 2
Publisher: Oz Entertainment
Illustrated and Designed by: Kelly Brown
Written by: Ethan Tarshish
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Guph the new Nome King and a Winkie magician they do form an uneasy alliance.
The story jumps around in time to much. It would be easier to follow if it stayed in one time period.
Dorothy here is portrayed as a young woman who may be unhinged. Is she imagining everything about Oz? Is she a dimensional traveling hero or crazy?
The art appears rough. The characters are drawn with enough resemblance to the original versions you will recognize them yet they have differences.
This issue does get you thinking. What is really going on here? You will find yourself doubtful but still hopeful. Dorothy’s adventure may just be real and you can join her on it.

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