RICH REVIEWS: We Race #0 Chapter 1

Title: We Race # 0 Chapter 1
Writer: Giulio Antonio Gualtieri
Artist: Riccardo Burchielli
Price: free online
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Lights Off”
This online comic is something different. First thing you notice is sound accompanies it and the picture movies as you scroll from one panel to the next. Yes this will certainly grab your attention.
The racing cars are futuristic marvels with a post apocalyptic touch to them. The characters all are well illustrated.The back grounds show a world that has suffered.
The music and sounds will keep getting your attention as you go through this comic which does flow smoothly. Formula New racing looks to be going strong in this world. Lucas Hoth and Jim Jager are the favorites to win the race. The cars actually move as you follow the race. It does start to get exciting as these two compete to win.
This is a great first issue which introduces the characters but does not yet give you enough information to fully care about them. Plus the setting of events here is not explained at all. If you read through the website though you can find the answers.
The race is one exciting one and with the added sounds and movement unlike anything you have seen before.

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