RICH REVIEWS: Voltron # 2

Title: Voltron # 2
Publisher: Lion Forge Comics
Story: Tim Hedrick & Mitch Iverson
Script: Mitch Iverson
Art: Digital Art Chefs
Lettering: Andworld Design
Cover: Mariko Yamashin
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: The interactions of the Voltron crew and the aliens are funny to watch. The aliens are drawn as small bug type beings that look cartoonish.
The lions form Voltron as it faces a Abomination. The fight seems to start out as might a fight among the Voltron crew as with the monster. When they join together and separate things go great. As a team they can accomplish what they can not separately.
The characters need to be introduced more. Unless you already know them you will not know them. The lions and Voltron machines blend in with themselves to much when they need to stand out more.
Voltron is a beloved classic cartoon character that has a crew who love battle. Combined and together they are awesome.

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