RICH REVIEWS: Tales from the Crypt # 1

Title: Tales from the Crypt # 1
Publisher: Super Genius/Papercutz
Writers: various
Artists: various
Cover: Jolyon Yates with Jayjay Jackson colorist
Variant Covers: Dean Haspiel, Bob amp, Russ Heath
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Price: $ 3.99 US, $ 5.50 Can
Website: ,
Comments: “Die-Vestment” Writer Stefan Petrucha, artist Jolyon Yates, colorist Jayjay Jackson and letterer Tom Orzechowski.
Brent Angleton is a man who takes what he wants and does not care about others that he may hurt. So he hires a public relations person to make him look good. Mandy Tan is a beautiful woman but you can tell there is something going on with her. Brent finds out the hard way as you treat others so they treat you.
“Zombie Bank” Writers David Anthony Kraft & Onrie Kompan, artist Miran Kim, colorist Miran Kim and letterer Tom Orzechowski.
Marty has a job at a Zombie Bank. Marty is a lone human in a world of zombies. This world though the zombies work like humans. Well this story has a surprising twist to it. There are some nicely illustrated zombies here to.
“The Werewolf of Wall Street” Writer Scott Lobdell, artist John McCrea, colorist Dee Cunniffe and letterer Tom Orzechowski.
This story makes no sense and the werewolf is not illustrated very well. The old gypsy though now this is an amazing drawing showing her.
Overall this is a great collection of stories that will fill you with terror.

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