RICH REVIEWS: True Patriot Presents # 4

Title: True Patriot Presents # 4
Publisher: Chapter House Comics
Writer: Jay Stephens, Jack Briglio, Meaghan Carter
Artists: Jay Stephens, Dominic Bercier, Meaghan Carter
Cover Art by: Ron Salas
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Phase 3: Solid Ghost” An Electroencephalography Scientist robot he can control with just his mind. This is a look at the past and how Arrowhead was back then. In the present Cody is the new Arrowhead. Who or what is Ookpik? Arrowhead looks amazing in his suit. The other robot is illustrated in a retro style that is beautifully done.
“Mob Mentality Part 3” When Jack and Andy aka Dominion Jack and Mob got their powers it changed both their lives forever.
Mob has his own super powered team and they are meant to break a person’s spirit. Jack has faith in his friend that he can bring him back to the side of good. The super powered team could have been illustrated better and with more imagination going into creating their costumes and looks.
“A night at the Ecomuseum Part 2” Le Fantome and Samurai Diable meet the villain Monsieur Royale. Monsieur Royle can control animals. The animals are illustrated great as fearsome beasts, the people including the heroes are illustrated to vague. Another hero shows up Love Tap. She is cute and illustrated stoutly. The story concludes here with the team-up.

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