RICH REVIEWS: True Patriot Presents # 3

Title: True Patriot Presents # 3
Publisher: Chapter House Comics
Writer: Jay Stephens, Jack Briglio, Meaghan Carter
Artists: Jay Stephens, Dominic Bercier, Meaghan Carter
Cover Art by: Jay Stephens
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Phase 2: Dawn of the Biodrones” The story starts off jumping from one time and city to another. Your interest will be peaked to know how these events are connected. Arrowhead must contend with sleeper agents here. Not much action and not much of a story. The characters though are good they just need to be used better.
“Mob Mentality Part 2” Dominion Jack faces off against Mob. They talk more than they fight. Mob is shown using his powers in a unique way, Jack attacks with just one hit. We could really use a little background on these characters. The art could have been better used to show off the characters.
“A Night at the Ecomuseum Part 1” Le Fantome and Samurai Diable both want to solve the missing animals crime. Both these heroes are illustrated in a nondynamic way. They need to be drawn more exciting. Le Fantome is a super-hero of the night and a mysterious one but still knowing more about her would help the reader to care more about her.

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