RICH REVIEWS: Title: Turok # 2

Title: Turok # 2
Publisher: Dynamite
Written by: Ron Marz
Art by: Roberto Castro
Colors by: Salvatore Aiala
Letters by: A Different World Studios’ Troy Peteri
Cover by: Bart Sears
Variant Cover by: Butch Guice & Dan Brown, Jeffrey Veregge, Roberto Castro & Savatore Aiala
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: The land Turok and Andar now find themselves in is one filled with dinosaurs. The Union soldiers follow them there plus one mysterious gunman. Who is this big deadly looking gunman?
This land is filled with danger at every step. The dinosaurs are wonderfully illustrated. You are shown clearly just how dangerous they can be. Not all are dangerous some are peaceful plant eaters. How do the soldiers lead by Captain Conner and Turok and Andar plan to survive and get home? There is only one way. They must work together.
Now this Lost Valley just became ever more interesting as Turok is found by a woman. Who is she?
In this primeval land danger and surprises can come from anywhere.
The art is gorgeously done throughout the issue; the dinosaurs are scary to peaceful, the soldiers are rough and tough, Turok and Andar look just how you would expect two native Americans to look, and the two mystery people well the man is hard looking and the woman beautiful with a commanding presence.
This is an adventure you do not want to miss.

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