RICH REVIEWS: Timmy Lala’s Ice Scream # 1

Title: Timmy Lala’s Ice Scream # 1
Publisher: Antarctic Press
Writer: Bradley Golden
Penciler: Andrey Lunatik
Inker & Colorist: Mickey Clausen
Letterer & Designer: Hector Negrete
Cover: Helmut Rancho
Variant Cover: Oscar Pinto
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Thomas Wright drives an ice cream truck. Parents and children like him yet right from the start he comes across as creepy. Then he goes to being dangerous.
As the story progresses we see Timmy is totally insane. He does have a devilish look to him. His wife Lucy does look beautiful in that tied up helpless sort of way. The children and wives are illustrated plainly.
The whole book does unfold like a cheap horror movie, a Grade B movie. For that, it does capture the essence of the whole idea. More thrills and chills were needed. We need to be made to truly hate Timmy not just dislike and feel disgust for him. He is insane but is he evil?
Plus seeing what he does with a Jehovah’s Witness a lot of us have wanted to do that. Then there is his delicious ice cream now this part will turn your stomach and make you gag. Timmy is sick and he needs to be helped by being put down.
Timmy will both repulse you and scare you.

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