RICH REVIEWS: The Steam Engines of Oz Hardcover Collection

Title: The Steam Engines of Oz Hardcover Collection
Publisher: Arcana
Story by: Sean Patrick O’Reilly & Erik Hendrix
Script by: Erik Hendrix & Sean Patrick O’Reilly
Art by: Yannis Roumboulias
Coloring by: Chandran Ponnusamy
Letters by: Amanda Hendrix & Erik Hendrix
Price: $ 29.95 US
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Pages: 192
Comments: Collecting the complete, two-volume SteamPunk epic future of the World of Oz which collects The Steam Engines of Oz FCBD, The Steam Engines of Oz #1-3, and The Steam Engines of Oz: The Geared Leviathan #1-3.
 Chapter 1
  Victoria is a cog in the machine and then her life is changed. Flying monkeys visit her. The illustrations are beautifully done. Victoria does have one cute butt. Her personality is cute too. The Witch of the North has a plan for Victoria.
So Victoria has a mission and she recruits two others to help her. Victoria is just a character who you will immediately like and be rooting for.
 Chapter 2
  Victoria is like the engineer who keeps Oz running. She is now on a mission and adventure with her companions Phadrig and Gromit. The tiger they meet is one awesomely drawn beast. This thing is just a huge beast full of fury.
The Tin Man is an imposing figure. You know at once he rules the Emerald City.
Victoria gets to meet many interesting and dangerous people on her mission which leads her to a Muchkin City. These are not the Munchkins you are used to seeing. They are still short but with a rough and tough appearance.
  Chapter 3
  Victoria and her friends meet up with lots of new people.
  Here to it is explained how the Tin Man became as he is now. He lost the ability to love. Which is such a sad thing to happen you will feel sorry for him. Now the Tin Man has certainly changed a lot he looks like a metal warrior made for war.
You will never believe what the Munchkin’s have to use in battle. This is definitely a sight you will want to see.
Chapter 4
  Victoria and a couple friends storm the Emerald City in search of the Scarecrow. Meanwhile, a huge battle is going on with the Tin Man’s forces hard pressed against many others.
The ending to this chapter will lift your heart.
Chapter 5 
Two witches are journeying to Oz. The illustrations of them are wonderful to behold. Their evil presence emanates from the pages. The Cowardly Lion is a ferocious beast. He would frighten anyone.
Chapter 6
The two witches Cora and Eden are on a killing spree. Nothing seems capable of stopping them and their machine of death.
The story does move along smoothly flowing from one part to the next. With so many characters you might think it hard to keep track of them all but it is not. The story will have you enthralled.
Chapter 7
  The witches are destroying all around them. The scenes are of a battleground and the fights are action-packed.
The ending does end. This is Oz and the story told here is great and powerful. The adventures and thrills you see along the way are astounding. You will not soon forget this. 

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