theatricsTitle: Theatrics (GN)
Publisher: TPub
Writer: Neil Gibson
Artist: Leonardo Gonzales
Colors: Jan Wijngaard
Letters: Jim Campbell
Rating: out of 5 stars
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Comments: This Hardcover collects issues one to four of the series. Rudy Burns gets drunk and than goes for a walk. A couple of robbers find him and fisticuffs ensue.
Rudy does suffer from the beating he takes from the robbers. He is no longer so good looking. Things are different now. poor Rudy he tries so hard to go back to the way things were. That time no longer exists. We see him go from being ontop to the bottom of the pile.
Rudy’s friend Sammy is the only one who has not turned his back on him. Here we see true friendship. The comic also clearly shows Rudy’s downfall, his despair and his anger. He has truely lost everything.
We see a man who loses everything yet he does not give up. He comes to the edge but does not go over it. Rudy makes the best of what he has and lives with it.
Rudy’s girl it seems as if she is trying to be sweet and nice but really she is a cheater and abandons her man in his time of need. Because she is pretty this is suppose to be ok.
The art is gorgeously done and fits the story perfectly. It shows Rudy for the man he was and that he becomes.
Rudy becomes a different man. Not necessarily better but different he adjusts to life.

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