RICH REVIEWS: The Wrong Earth # 1

Title: The Wrong Earth # 1
Publisher: Ahoy Comics
Writers: Tom Peyer, Paul Constant, Grant Morrison, Shannon Wheeler
Artists: Jamal Igle, Frank Cammuso, Rob Steen, Shannon Wheeler
Colors: Andy Troy, Frank Cammuso
Letters: Rob Steen, Frank Cammuso
Cover: Jamal Igle
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Earth-Alpha.
Dragonflyman and Stinger will definitely remind you of a certain dynamic duo from a TV series. The entire setting is corny and will have you reminiscing about the old days of crime fighting. The villain Number One is kind of cool in an old-fashioned manner. The art is gorgeously done and the action scenes are action-packed.
Draonflyman here finds himself in a violent fight and he ends it very violently as things escalate. The art is dark and forbidding. The version of Number One here is a sick evil man.
The fight is still on. Now though something strange happens as the hero and villains of each Earth use a mirror. The mirror is no ordinary mirror and what happens is weird. Each version of Dragonflyman and their main villain are on the others Earth.
The use of two entirely different styles in the art, story and even the way they speak and act makes this an entertaining read you will not want to miss.
Yes, you will want to get stung by this dragonfly.
“Stinger” This is a solo story of Dragonflyman’s sidekick Stinger. It is done in a classic style in both story and old. Stinger has his own adventure against a crook and he does act stupidly yet fate has a way of making things work out.
“‘Hud’ Hornet’s Holiday in Hell!” this is a printed story, no art. So it is done in prose. Lots of descriptive words are used here.  This story of Hud’s adventures is off the wall weird. As Hud narrates his tale it becomes hard to tell fact from fantasy. It is entertaining to read through.
Too Much Coffee Man is drawn in a full page pin-up with very simple art. The imagine and situation are cute.

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