RICH REVIEWS: The Wicked Righteous # 1

Title: The Wicked Righteous # 1
Publisher: Alterna Comics
Writer/Creator: Terry Mayo
Penciler/Inker: Lucas Romero
Colorist: Christopher Hall
Letterer: Brandon DeStefano
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: A mystery illness is devastating the planet. Some though are unaffected such as children, some soldiers and prisoners. No one knows why they are not affected.
We see four brothers; Johnny, Matt, Lucas and Mark. Than we leave them. We go to Lucas and Billy a young boy he shoots.
Than the story shifts to a girl being taken by thugs and three of the brothers come to her rescue along with others. Who are the others?
What happened to the brothers father is not shown but it is implied. What is this illness in the story after it is mentioned it seems to be forgotten about. The story needs a lot more focus.
The art is pretty good showing off the characters most are teens.
The brothers well they get into action and a shoot out. The guns do get used a lot. Yes people die here.

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