RICH REVIEWS: Make Mine Indie # 3

Title: Make Mine Indie # 3
Publisher: 01 Publishing
Fall 2016 Indie Creators: 01Publishing, Alterna Comics, Astria Legends, Brian Perry, Chupa Comics, Cloud 9 Comix, Comic Crusaders, Competely Different Comics, Dandy Press, Inhale Films, Iron Gate Comics, Karl Slominski, Michael David Nelsen, The Monkeyhouse, OSA Studios, POD Comics, Siafu Comix, Tin Sky Studios, Wannabe Press, Whiting Studios, Will Lill Comics
Price: free digital
Rating: out of 5 stars
Comments: Lots of comics are advertised in these pages. Plus there are many preview pages from various comics.
There is some beautiful monster art from “World War Kaiju: The Coldwar Years”.
Mike Grossman interviews “Supernaut” creator Michael David Nelsen. It is a long and inclusive interview.
Erica Freeman reviews “Cannons in the Clouds” from Alterna.
Make Mine Indie interviews Cody Andrew Sousa creator of “Croak: An Origin Story”. The preview pages of this comic do give it a very dark look. The girl is shown in fear.
The comics shown in this issue do cover a wide range of subjects. Super-heroes, monsters, adventure stories they are all here even angels.
The comic companies themselves get a short write up as well.
“Trail” from Cloud 9 Comic has a big section featuring six of its issues. This is a action adventure series.
“Lacey & Lily” certainly looks like a cute comic from Dandy Press.
Warren Montgomery’s Firefox is illustrated in a nice pin-up style pose for its cover of number two.
This magazine will give you an introduction to the world of Indie comics. They are filled with such wonderful tales and art that you should check them out you will not be disappointed.

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