RICH REVIEWS: The Starling # 1

Title: The Starling # 1
Publisher: Reboot Comics
Created by Leon Verhoeven
Story: Leon Verhorvrn
Art: Dody Eka
Colors: Zilson Costa
Lettering: eRiQ Quaadgras
Cover: Dody Eka (Dutch), Nalido Ribeiro (English)
Price: €10
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: As a heinous crime is committed a man steps out of the shadows to save the day. Things turn gory real fast. The art is beautifully done showing the victim and savior. He is a dark avenger. There is a slight amount of humor added in which does work. The birds are a nice touch too.
The Starling is shown taking care of the Navy Boys gang again lots of blood is seen. Those the Starling punishes are deserving of what they get.
The Starling is more than just a vigilante he is a psychotic murderer. He has a sick side.
The two police detectives are opposites. Dirk is the sloppy one yet by the book while Floyd is fine with going outside the law.
This Dutch anti-hero is one ultra-violent man who will stop at nothing to stop violent crime. He will not just step outside the law but will run. He acts normal while being insanely brutal.
Some aspects of the character are mysterious such as his birds. A little mystery is good and some answers are given.
This is a high-paced violent vigilante action-packed story.

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