Title: The Other One
Publisher: Pop Comics
Created by: Em Em Chan
Writer/Artist: Javier Sama
Cover: Em Em Chan
Price: free online
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Chapter 01: Spider Webs”
Jamie Seraspe is the new student at school and he is fifteen. There is something off about his new school. Jamie ends up in the library working. While there Margie the cute girl from his class comes in. Now in the library, weird supernatural things start to happen. Jamie is in danger.
Jamie is attacked by something in the form of a girl. She and others are possessed by a Hantu. The Hantu we see changes into one huge monstrous creature of nightmares. A guy in a girl’s body dressed as a sexy student in one really short skirt attacks this monster Hantu. She does know how to use her sword.
Yes, we do get a panty peak while she fights the giant spider creature. The action is intense. Her name is Al.
Some information about who Al is would be nice. Also why Jamie is so used to supernatural stuff around him. Plus showing off Al better would be nice to see.
Although is one wonderful character who is drawn so cute. This book is fun and exciting.

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