RICH REVIEWS: Power Company # 1

Title: Power Company # 1
Publisher: Coalition Comics/Iron Gate Comics
Created by: Rodney Lockett of Iron Gate Comics, Jermaine Christmas of Kringlistic Comix, Joe Davis, Chris Thomasma, Carlos Raphael of Champion Comics, Tony Klapper of Nevaland/Crazy Monkey Ink Comics, Roy Johnson of Standard Comics, and John Jones of heroestcg, Dorphise Jean of Gente/ShortFuse Comics
Written by: Carlos Rapael, Dorphise Jean, Jermaine Christmas, John Jones, Rodney Lockett, Roy Johnson and Tony Klapper
Artist: Luis Rivera
Colors: Es Comic!
Letters: Warren Montgomery
Cover A Wraparound Cover: Pencils by Luis Rivera, inks by Robot Doan with colors by Hedwin Zaldivar
Variant Covers: Jason Metcalf with colors by Ivan Nunes, Joe Correa with colors by Ivan Nunes, Gilbert Monsanto
Price: $ 5.00 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Cyborilla is a big tough intelligent gorilla in prison but the way the story starts and flows you know that is not going to last.
Professor Bizarre is a super-hero and a magic user. He is presented in a way to peak your interest and have you focused on him. You will be following along just waiting for what comes next.
Cyberilla collects a team of villains including Necromage, Poison Arrow, Brimcoal, Sebek the Medjai, Abominus,  Priestess Danielle, Overcast this is one evil team, Damage Inc.
Professor Bizarre knows of this gathering of evil and he gathers a force for good; Metalmorph, Victory, Five Star, Forecast, Killer Wail, Crimson Streak, and Spirit. The pin-up page drawing shows a team to be proud of. The art is amazing as these super-heroes stand together as The Power Company.
As these two powerful teams meet an epic battle follows. The next battle Midnight Owl, Steel Wolf, and Thunder Woman lead the change against part of the team of villains.
There are so many different heroes and villains in this comic and each is wonderfully illustrated.
These super-heroes are the ones you crave as they are real heroes out only to save and protect.

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