RICH REVIEWS: The Only Living Boy # 1 “Prisoner of the Patchwork Planet”

Title: The Only Living Boy # 1 “Prisoner of the Patchwork Planet” (GN)
Publisher: Papercutz
Writer/Co-Creator: David Gallaher
Artist/Co-Creator: Steve Ellis
Color Flattening: Maike Paar, Ten Van Winkle
Lettering: Scott O. Brown, Christy Sawyer, Spril Brown
Price: $ 8.99 US
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Websites: ,
Comments: Erik Farrell is twelve years old he is on the run and as he sleeps we get a glimpse of what he might be running from. Then we see exactly what he is running from. He should run faster.
Erik encounters Morgan Dwar of the Mermidonians. She is a beautiful green warrior.
Doctor Once now has Erik and others captured including Princess Thea. She is an insect type girl. She has an interesting look to her.
Erik is thrust into an area of combat. He decides to make a stand. Morgan joins him and so does Thea.
Erik’s adventure is the stuff little boys dreams are made of. Only when it’s real it’s a nightmare come to life.
This is a world both familiar and new. It is full of wondrous creatures. The adventure has just begun for Erik.
Whether you are a child or an adult you will love this comic.

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