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: What is does RRH stand for?

Orlando Harding: Red Riding Hood

1st: Who is Sydney Marie Woodman?

Orlando Harding: Sydney is a direct descendant of Little Red Riding Hood. She is her tenth generation, great grand daughter.

1st: Once you discover you part of the Order of the Red Hood how do you train to hunt werewolves?

Orlando: It’s up for a Red Hood Master to train a pupil. Usually, it will be someone related to them-someone that they can trust ad have known for quite some time. However, sometimes a Red Hood Master may see a special quality in a girl or woman and may actually recruit them to join The Order of the Red Hood. It happens, but it is a rare occasion when it actually does.

sydney1st: How do Sydney’s friends react when she comes to school beaten and bruised from her battles with the Bloodwolves?

Orlando: Sydney’s friends don’t know what is going on. She practices the Martial Arts and when she came to school beaten and bruised, wearing too much makeup trying to hide the damage, her friends thought she was in a martial arts competition. Sydney will have to play the role to keep up appearances.

1st: Are there other members of the Order of the Red Hood who aren’t direct descendant of Red Riding Hood?

Orlando: Yes, there are. We will eventually reveal some to you. It’s gonna really be cool to see them come out of the woodwork and reveal who they are and what they believe in. They will be a unified group of the baddest ladies the world has ever seen. Young and old alike. All different races, cultures and body shapes-all fighting for one cause-to destroy the Shadowland and save humanity from the darkness that the Shadowland will bring.

Who is Solomon?

Orlando: Solomon is an ogre and a member of BOW (Brotherhood of Woodman) . He is Sydney’s protector and will eventually come to be one of her most trusted allies. He was personally assigned with the task of protecting her by Sydney’s dad, Jerry. He will help guide Sydney as she transforms into the person that she is meant to be. He would die for her if necessary and really wants to get another shot at Ag.


1st: Who is Ag?

Orlando: Ag is the descendant of the wolf from the famous story and he and his entire bloodline are cursed because of what happened between Little Red and his ancestors 800 years ago. He’s nuts and a pure sociopath. He would stop at nothing to kill each and every member of the Order or Red Hood and The Brotherhood of Woodman. He wants to give the Earth back to the Shadowland and believe that the Shadowland should have dominion over Earth and rule accordingly.

Why isn’t he liked by his own people?

Orlando: His ancestors were responsible for bringing the Shadowland to the brink of extinction. This is why he is cursed. He must find redemption for his ancestors misdeeds if the curse is ever to be lifted. The only way that this can be done is to eliminate the bloodline of LRRH.

1st: Who is Mignon?

Orlando: Mignon lives across the street and just so happens to moonlight as a witch hunting Warlock.

How is Mignon connected to the Order of the Red Hood?

Orlando: She isn’t yet. However, she has a good relationship with her neighbors across the street. They had no real idea as to who and what she really was and don’t have a clear understanding of what she is all about.

1st: What is the Shadowland?

Orlando: Will be revealed soon enough. Trust this-it’s bad-realy bad!

stl0013331st: Is there any hope of peace between our world and the Shadowland?

Orlando: Hell no! Only if mankind is willing to become enslaved and willing to also be snacks for the Shadowland. If this is a feasible, then yes, peace is a real possibility.

1st: What is planned after the first trade paperback?

Orlando: More characters will be revealed and our readers will have a real understanding of what this story is all about and how deep it’s really going to get! We have sooooo much more to be revealed and I guarantee that you are going to love it!

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