Title: The O.Z. # 2
Publisher: David Pepose
Created/Written by: David Pepose
Art by: Ruben Rojas
Colors by: Whitney Cogar
Lettering by: DC Hopkins
Cover by: Ruben Rojas
Variant Covers by: Farid Karami, Cem Iroz and Dominic Bustamante
Dorothy Pin-Up by: Michelle Wong
Price: $ 10.00 US (digital), $ 20.00 US (paperback)
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Comments: There is an all-out war going on in the land of Oz. The Scarecrow has a look of a touch of insanity to him. Dorothy Gale now looks tough and ready to win this war at any cost she is the Warlord of Oz.
The supporting characters are wonderful Jack Pumpkinhead and the Tin Soldier they like others in this book are a different take on characters you thought you knew.
Dorothy’s resistance fighters find themselves in the fight of their lives against the Scarecrow and his strawmen. Then the Prince of Lions enters the fray and the tide of battle turns. Things are heating up in Oz.
Dorothy now has a quest one she finds out real fast is deadly dangerous. The threats she faces are not ones you would expect in Oz. She and her friends thought they will go through anything to accomplish their mission. Dorothy is the ultimate hard-ass who will never stop.
There is a great quote here in these pages; Courage isn’t a gift…it’s a choice. Dorothy makes a lot of choices.
Jack Pumpkinhead is a deadly adversary and the Prince of Lions shows him just why he is a Prince. He makes a choice.
This retelling of an old favorite works way better than you might expect. All the updates and changes fit in perfectly with how this story is unfolding. This is not the Oz you’re used to and it is not better but it may be just as good in its different way.

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