RICH REVIEWS: The Nightmare Brigade Volume 1

Title: The Nightmare Brigade Volume 1: The Case of the Girl From Deja Vu
Publisher: Papercutz
Story: Franck Thilliez
Art: Yomgui Dumont
Color: Drac
Price: $ 9.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Professor Angus, Tristan, and Esteban are the Nightmare Brigade. They help children who have nightmares most uniquely. Here they are helping Sarah. Tristan and Esteban enter her dream while the Professor guides them. They must help save Sarah and then escape the dream. These kids have one exciting adventure and it leads out into the real world. Esteban may have an adventure in real life with Sarah and Tristan well his relationship with Sarah is hinted at here yet still is a mystery.
The art is fitting for this style of story which is geared towards a younger reader while still being good for any age.
Sarah ends up joining the Nightmare Brigade. They go into Nicolas’s nightmare to help him and Leonard has entered it as well. Here the team faces an evil fairy. This fairy is in a nightmare and that is where she belongs. The art does convey her hideousness. The coloring is well done on her.
Things do take a strange turn for one of the characters.
Nightmares are real and they are dangerous. It takes a special group of teens to help others in need. This group is the Nightmare Brigade!

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